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本文摘要:Unit8 词汇解说1. across fromacross from在……的劈面;在……对过。例如:The hospital is across from the supermarket.医院在超市的劈面。辨析:across与throughacross表现的是从某物的一边到另一边;指从外貌上横过。 例如:She ran across the road. 她从马路上跑过。through表现从内部通过,有“穿过,透过”等意思。


Unit8 词汇解说1. across fromacross from在……的劈面;在……对过。例如:The hospital is across from the supermarket.医院在超市的劈面。辨析:across与throughacross表现的是从某物的一边到另一边;指从外貌上横过。

例如:She ran across the road. 她从马路上跑过。through表现从内部通过,有“穿过,透过”等意思。例如:They went through the forest. 他们穿过森林。2. in front ofin front of是介词短语表现“在......前面”,of的后面经常用名词或者代词表现所在。

例如:My brother sits in front of me in our classroom.在我们的课堂里我弟弟坐在我的前面。注意:in front of强调一个物体在另一个物体外部的前面。in the front of强调一个物体在另一个物体内部的前面。

例如:There is a big desk in the front of our classroom.在我们课堂里前面有一个大课桌。There is a big tree in front of our classroom.在我们课堂前面有一棵大树。3. free(1)free 形容词,意为“免费的”。

例如:Here is your free lunch. 这是你的免费午餐。Your ticket is free. 你的票是免费的。(2)free 作形容词还可以意为“自由的,有空的”。

Are you free tomorrow?明天你有空吗?I have some free time on weekends.在周末我有些空闲的时间。4. pay(1)pay用作动词是“付款”的意思,经常和介词for连用表现“为......付款”。例如:I paid 200 Yuan for that new bike.那辆新自行车花了我200元。

(2)pay用作名词是“人为、薪金”之意。例如:He doesn’t like the job, but the pay is good.他不喜欢那份事情,可是薪水很高。5. around(1)around 作副词,意为“在四周,在周围”。

look around 意为“朝四周看”。例如:He looked around, and said nothing.他四周看了看,什么也没说。The moon moves around the earth.月亮绕着地球转。

(2)around 作介词, 意为“在……四周,围绕”,常用词组:“around the world / country”意为“世界/全国各地”;“show sb. around”意为“领导某人观光”。例如:They showed us around the school.他们领导我们观光了学校。6. turn (1)turn 做动词时,可以做行为动词也可以做连系动词。做行为动词时,意为“转弯,转身,翻转,旋转”。

例如:Turn left at the end of the road. (行为动词)在路的止境左转。The leaves turn yellow. 叶子变黄了。

(连系动词)(2)turn 还可以作名词,意为“轮流,顺序”。例如:It’s your turn to clean the room.轮到你扫除房间了。7. enjoy(1)enjoy doing sth.意为“喜欢做……”或者“做……很开心/很享受”。

其中的enjoy是动词,有“浏览,享受,喜爱”等意思,后接名词、代词或动名词。例如:People enjoy the city’s quiet street.人们喜爱这个都会平静的街道。I enjoy listening to pop music.我喜欢听盛行音乐。

(2)enjoy常见的习习用语另有enjoy oneself,意为“玩得开心,过得愉快”,和have a good time同义。例如:They are enjoying themselves. = They are having a good time.他们玩得很开心。

8. post(1)post作名词,意为“邮件,邮递,邮筒(箱)”。例如:There was a big post this morning. 今天邮件许多。Please take these letters to the post. 请将这些信件投邮。

(2)post 作动词,意为“邮寄,邮递”。例如:Could you post this letter for me?你能替我把这封信寄出去吗?9. policepolice 作名词,意为“警员”,属团体名词,复数寄义,不能与a连用;作主语时谓语动词要用复数形式。复合名词policeman / policewoman 有单复数之分,对应的复数划分为policemen / policewomen。例如:The police try to save the old man.警员们设法救这位老人。

Policemen and policewomen work in a police station.警员在警员局里事情。10. neighborhoodneighborhood 名词,意为“四周,相近地域”。词组“in the neighborhood”表现在 “四周地域”,相当于near here。

如果后面加上介词of,即in the neighborhood of 则表现“在……四周”,相当于near。例如:There is a hospital in the neighborhood.= There is a hospital near here.四周有一家医院。He lives in the neighborhood of the supermarket.= He lives near the supermarket.他住在超市四周。11. along(1)along 作介词,意为“沿着”,相当于down。


例如:We can walk along that road. 我们可以沿着那条路走。(2)along 作副词,意为“向前,一同”。与动词连用时,常与on同义,表现“向前移动”。例如:Come along, Lin Feng. 林峰,来吧。

练一练:Ⅰ. 英汉互译。1. make a phone call___________2. across from the bank___________3. go to the library___________4. 在学校和医院之间__________5. 紧挨着一个旅馆__________6. 在银行的后面___________Ⅱ. 凭据句意、汉语意思或首字母提示补全单词。

1. Look at the waiting room with a bench (长板凳) a ______ one wall.2. -Is there a post bookshop in the n_______?-Yes, there is.3. The Greens are lying (躺) on the beach and e______ the sunshine.4. The p______ phone is over there.5. The food in the r______ is delicious.6. We can post letter at the post o_______.7. Go along this street and t______ right.8. I can get a f______ (免费的) ticket.9. Is there a shopping center a______?10. The s______ is very busy(忙碌) now. Many people are here.Ⅲ. 用括号中所给单词的适当形式填空。1. My little brother enjoys _______ (watch) TV.2. He can answer this question _______(easy).3. Let’s go ______ (climb) tomorrow.4. The police ______ (be) looking for the lost child.5. Linda often ______ (take) a walk in the park.6. I enjoy ______ (me) in the summer holiday.7. Mike often ______ (spend) much money on books.8. They like _____ (swim) very much.9. Turn left at the third ______ (cross) and then you can find it.10. Excuse ______ (I). Please tell me the way to the bank.Ⅳ.选词填空。

before,in front of, in the front of1.Please come to see me _______ Sunday.2.The bus stops ______ the bus stop.3.John and Tom sit ______ the class.free, hotel, air, between4. I like to go out because the ____ is clean.5. The supermarket is over there, ______ the school and the bookstore.6. I’m new here, so I have to find a ______.7. Some of the things in the shop are ______.参考谜底:Ⅰ. 英汉互译。1. 打一个电话 2. 在银行劈面 3. 去图书馆4. between the school and the hospital5. next to a hotel 6. behind the bankⅡ. 凭据句意和首字母提示补全单词。1. along 2. neighborhood 3. enjoying4. pay 5. restaurant 6. office7. turn 8. free 9. around 10. streetⅢ. 用括号中所给单词的适当形式填空。

1. watching 2. easily 3. climbing4. are 5. takes 6. myself 7. spends8. swimming 9. crossing 10. meⅣ.选词填空。1.before 2. in front of 3. in the front of4. air 5. between 6. hotel 7. free声明:泉源于网络!。